Young Innovators

We help kids build the future.

Young Innovators helps inspire and promote entrepreneurship and collaboration amongst children in grade 6-9 by introducing them to large-scale problems that require innovative solutions, and giving them the tools to solve them. Join us virtually from June 6th to June 13th for the 2021 Annual Week of Innovation.

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This isn’t your average Case Competition

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Emerging Technologies

Participants will be exposed to emerging technologies and how they can be used to solve global-scale problems that affect billions of people.

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Real Problems

The Case will expose teams to real problems that companies around the world are trying to solve, and give them a platform to showcase their solution to a panel of judges and their peers.

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Guest Speakers

The conference will feature 2 guest speakers with experience in business and important technologies to speak and provide Q&A sessions to help with participants outside learning.

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The Competition

From June 6th to June 13th, join us virtually for the Week of Innovation hosted by Young Innovators. The Week of Innovation is a week long technology-based case competition promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration. Teams will be using emerging technologies to solve global scale issues affecting billions of people.

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About Young Innovators

Dear Parents,

As students ourselves, we’re well aware of the absence of opportunities in our community right now. To help rectify this situation, we’ve created this competition for the younger students in our district. We really hope you’ll encourage your kids to partake in it, as it provides so much more than a simple way to fill their time. It will teach them to collaborate and communicate with their group members, how to use their creative and critical thinking skills, and most importantly, introduce them to an environment steaming with hard-working, like-minded individuals. They’ll be exposed to an entirely new way of looking at the world and be free to explore their own creative ideas. We hope you’ll all become as excited as we are at this opportunity, and support your kids in developing skills and experiences they will use for the rest of their lives.

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Meet Our Team Members

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Chief Executive Officer

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Director of Marketing & Communications

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Director of Logistics

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Chief Operations Officer